New Nordic Steampunk Stories

We wanted to test the current state of Scandinavian genre writing.

– So when we initiated the work towards a steampunk themed convention, we asked for new steampunk stories on a diversity of Nordic social platforms.

From this we received back a number of stories, some we could use for the anthology, others we had to decline – due to not being in any way steampunk, due to not being “fantastical” in the broadest possible sense, and some due to sheer lack of literary quality. We are happy to annouce that we have ended up with a interesting mix of steampunk stories, from almost all the Nordic countries. This anthology will be published as a pdf edition sent out via mail to our registered members in advance of the convention. So all members have something to prepare before the con. It will be possible to buy the anthology as a BookOnDemand publication at a later date – for those wanting to have it on paper.

Several of the authors we have chosen will be present at the con, so we will sit down with them late Friday evening and discuss their stories as well as ask the question: Is there a specific Nordic steampunk esthetics?

Editors: Knud Larn & Flemming Rasch

Title: A piano in the snow