Con – Committee

This year´s organizing Committee for Fantasticon consists of the following people, with the following individual tasks:

Knud Larn – Chairman, Initial PR (handouts, bookseller contact, responsible for contacts abroad), Program Coordinator
Manfred Christiansen – Creator of the poster and other visual material for the con
Jesper Rugård Jensen – Contact to venue, responsible for AV-media at the con
Joen Juel Jensen -Contact to venue, responsible for AV-media at the con
Tue Sørensen – Responsible for outside Fandom PR (posters, social media) , Contents & layout of Dealer´s Room
Billy O´Shea, – Responsible for contact to Steampunk fans in Scandinavia
Lise Andreasen – Responsible for pointing out gender issues on the program
+ Assistance from the Fantasticon Board: Lars Ahn Pedersen & Flemming Rasch

Process Overview:
Fase 1 (NOV 17 to FEB 18): GoH & Venue Selection, Hotel Bookings, Anthology Invites, Story Competition, Intial PR, Webpage, Payment System, etc. Early Bird Tickets – series A
Fase 2 (MAR 18 to JUL 18): Bulk Fandom PR, Program planning, Design og Membership Packet contents, Discounted Tickets – series B + Support Tickest – series S
Fase 3 (AUG 18 to SEP 18): Finished program, outside Fandom PR, Sending out Membership Packet, Normal Tickets + Day Tickets – series C
Fase 4 (20th to 23rd September 2018): The Convention
Fase 5 (SEP to OCT 18): Evaluation, Financial Statements, handing torch back to Fantasticon Board.