Billy O´Shea

Writer and professional translator since 1999 (Danish to English only). Born in Ireland in 1957, Billy O´Shea have been living in Denmark since 1981. He was educated at Trinity College Dublin and at Copenhagen University. Received the University Gold medal in 2000 for a thesis on the interaction between culture and information in translation. Writer of fiction, most notably the Kingdom of Clockwork Trilogy (Kingdom of Clockwork 2014, It´s only a Clockwork Moon 2015, and Clockwork Carol 2017 – all published by Black Swan).

When the oil and gas ran out, civilisation collapsed. Now, centuries later, mankind is once again beginning to discover the secrets of the past … starting with clockwork. In a future Denmark, the King’s clockmaker becomes enmeshed in a web of court intrigue and undertakes a fateful journey to the Far North, where he encounters many strange phenomena that challenge his rational nature.

The books are set in a clockwork world that arises in Scandinavia following the collapse of civilization. Lacking fossil fuels and knowledge of past technology, the new kingdoms of the northern lands can draw only upon the power of the wind, which they store using clockwork. But the King of Kantarborg has a plan to mine other secrets of the past, and weaves a young court clockmaker into his dangerous schemes.

The Kingdom of Clockwork series has been described as “alternate history, historical fantasy and steampunk”. The books are quirky, intriguing, humorous tales of reason, magic and human cunning. Real Scandinavian history and locations are combined with flights of fancy, both literal and metaphorical.

Among sources of inspiration for Kingdom of Clockwork, Billy O´Shea cites the Dane Hans Christian Andersen, the Irishman Jonathan Swift and the 17th-century English science fiction writer Francis Godwin.

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Saturday around noon, Billy O´Shea and his steampunk friends will join up on a panel to talk about steampunk fandom in Scandinavia. Later that day, Klaus Æ. Mogensen will interview Billy about his Clockwork trilogy, and later – also Saturday, Billy will read an excerpt from the books and discuss the work with the audience.