Patrik Sahsltrøm

Patrik Sahsltrøm – born in 1975 in Warszawa, Poland, of mixed Swedish-Polish parentage. He has a degree in Comparative Religion from the University of Oslo, and for reasons known only by the gods, decided to stay in Norway instead of taking up offers of postgraduate studies in Amsterdam and Paris. He was a politician for the Norwegian Green Party until he realized that shit is still shit, even if you paint it green, and quit politics in disgust.

Patrik is a jack-of-all-trades and definitely a master of none; he has worked as everything from being a bellboy at a hotel to being a clerk in the police. He has even tried himself as a practitioner of the occult but was thrown out of the club after failing to keep a straight face during one of their rituals. He started writing for real in the autumn of 2013, at the behest of colleagues who worried he’d go postal out of boredom if he was stuck in an office for an extended period of his life.

Recently, Patrik has relocated from the hipster commune of Grünerløkka in Oslo, Norway, to Malmö, Sweden, with more than enough company from his pet household demons Ambza, Xia and Ted.

The Books of Future Darkness – series:

Books of Future Darkness are Patrik Sahlstrøm’s tales of a world gone mad, where desperate people do everything to survive after the magical apocalypse. Here, packs of werewolves hunt the countryside, corrupt Cardinals rule their fiefdoms like Machiavellian princes, and young men in Italian power armor are sent out to bite off more than they can chew.

Frost Moon is the first installment of the chronicles of the errant war witch Elisabeth, raised by the Church to battle both the legions of darkness and anyone suicidal enough to stand in the way of their hegemony. Now she is on the run – but will her wits and her magic be enough to escape the clutches of the Cardinal of Oslo?

Prodigal Queen is the second installment of the chronicles of the errant war witch Elisabeth. It takes over just as Frost Moon ends, with Elisabeth stepping through the portal to Hell. Finally, she has escaped the Church that raised her to be their most potent weapon – but what awaits her on the other side?

Future Darkness vol. 1 is a comic set in the same universe.

NOTE: Book 3: Arcadian Twilight – will be published September 21st at Fantasticon 2018!

Tue Sørensen will interview Patrik Sahsltrøm Friday evening in the lounge area, and afterwards Patrik will read an excerpt from his books.

More info at Patrik´s homepage.