Henrik Harksen

Besides being an expert on H.P. Lovecraft, Henrik Harksen, born 1971, is also a publisher, an editor and an author. He has published several Lovecraft-themed books, both fiction and non-fiction, in English, most recently Urban Cthulhu: Nightmare Cities. His short story “Just an Accountant” can be read in Lovecraft eZine.

Check out his small press: H. Harksen Productions, now celebrating it´s 10-year Anniversary, as well as his Lovecraft-themed webpage. Or read his blog here.


2011 – “Tusind generationer før min fødsel” i Dystre Danmark 2 (H. Harksen Productions)
2011 – “Just An Accountant” i The Lovecraft eZine No. 9 [som link: http://lovecraftzine.com/issues/
just-an-accountant-by-henrik-sandbeck-harksen/ ]
2009 – “Le Petit Mort” i Dystre Danmark (H. Harksen Productions)
2008 – “The Bibliophile” i Eldritch Horrors: Dark Tales, hplmythos.com Vol. 1 (H. Harksen Productions)
2007 – “Fra skyggerne” i Fra skyggerne og andre Cthulhu Mythos noveller, hplmythos.dk Bind 1 (H. Harksen

Henrik Harksen will present the current results of his Small Press adventure in the Dealer´s Room throughout the con, and he will – naturally – be on the panel Saturday at 13.00 discussing Frankenstein´s 200th birthday!