Justina Robson is our first Guest of Honour

Justina_RobsonBritish author Justina Robson will be one of the Guests of Honour at Fantasticon 2016 which is held in Copenhagen on June 11-12th.

Although Justina Robson is known as a science fiction author, she often mixes genres in her fiction. Her latest novel, The Glorious Angels (2015), also has elements of fantasy and horror in it and the same goes for her Quantum Gravity-series which comprise of five novels: Keeping It Real (2006), Selling Out (2007), Going Under (2008), Chasing The Dragon (2009) and Down To The Bone (2011).

Two of her novels have been nominated for the Arthur C. Clarke Award, Silver Screen (1999) and Mappa Mundi (2001), while Natural History (2003) and Living Next Door To The God Of Love (2005) both were nominated for the BSFA Award (British Science Fiction Association), the Campbell Award and the Philip K. Dick Award (Silver Screen was also nominated for a British Science Fiction Award and a Philip K. Dick Award).

Her short fiction has been collected in Heliotrope (2011) and she has also written a novel in the Transformers universe: Transformers: The Covenant Of Primus (2013).