The Women Men Don’t See

Saturday 16.00, Room 1

“… despite being an Arthur C. Clarke Award winner and multiple-time nominee, despite 20 years in this business and accolades by top reviewers and writers such as Ian McDonald, Pat Cadigan, David Brin, Patrick Ness, Justina Robson, Adam Roberts, Peter F. Hamilton and Jon Courtenay Grimwood, I have been struggling to sell work, and because of that I have been struggling to write. Now, that is no big news. A great many writers are struggling right now. We are legion. But. I am asking myself whether science fiction doesn’t deserve all the bad press it gets if it keeps putting its money where its values are.”

- Tricia Sullivan, excerpt from her Livejournal, June 28th 2013 (read the whole blog post here)

The debate about the treatment of women in the science fiction community flared up earlier this year.

Tricia Sullivan discuss the topic with Swedish authors Karin Tidbeck and Nene Ormes who will add a Scandinavian perspective with Danish author Majbrit Høyrup.

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