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Our Guests of Honour for 2009 are two of the most interesting British writers.

Gwyneth Jones

Gwyneth JonesGwyneth Jones is a British science fiction and fantasy writer and critic. She also writes children’s books under the name Ann Halam. She won the Arthur C. Clarke Award in 2002 for ”Bold as Love”, the first in a series of book set in a near future England. The also won the World Fantasty Award twice in 1996, for the story ”The Grasss Princess” and for the collection ”Seven tales and af fable”. In 2004 she won the Philip K. Dick Award for ”Life”, a science fiction novel about gender and biotechnology in the near future. Some of her work as a critic is published in the book ” Deconstructing the Starships”. Her latest book is ”Spirit: The Princess of Bois Dormant”, a space opera novel.


Charles Stross

Charles StrossCharles Stross first published story was ”The Boys” from Interzone 22 from 1987. Before that he had articles published in roleplaying magazines. A few years later he name started to show up on nomination lists for the major prizes. The novelette “lobsters” from 2001 was nominated for both Nebula and Hugo and in 2004 Stross won the Hugo Award for the novella “The Concrete Jungle”. Stross has a background in pharmaceutics and computer science and often uses this in his writing to describe future technology in general and artificial intelligence in particular. His first novel, “Singularity Sky” from 2003 takes place 400 years in the future where the world is populated by something hardly recognizable as human anymore. Stross latest two novels are “Halting State”, with a plot involving a crime in an online computer game, and “Saturn’s Children”, about a sex-robot who gets deported from Earth and have an adventure in her travels around the Solar System. In addition to science fiction, Charles Stross also writes science fantasy, in the “Merchant Princes” series.